Flower bouquets the button hole and centre pieces will always be one of the star attractions at weddings. Flower posy/bouquets denote a blossoming maiden which evidently helps reflect her feelings and emotions. The planning of the wedding bouquet takes just as much careful thought behind getting it right for on the day as that of the wedding gown.
Whatever race/religion, bouquets will still always be seen as a tradition to be kept. The more of natures natural beauties lining church pews/aisles will send out a lingering aromatic fragrance and a vast amount of colour to brighten up your day.

What to take into consideration when choosing your wedding bouquet:

1. By choosing seasonal flowers you will save time and money, if you insist on blooms out of season then you may find they have to be shipped in from another country.
Time is important when you order and receive the flowers, you will want them fresh therefore a stronger sweet smelling scent.

2. If you have silk flowers in mind then better still this way you are guaranteed your particular favourite flower no matter the time of year so no need to put the wedding on hold.
3. Do not make the mistake of letting the bouquet outshine or cover your figure if you are of petite frame the reason being is, your posture maybe affected thus giving off the wrong image of how your wedding gown should look. If the elegant style of the gown is to stay then make sure to choose pastels instead of strong vibrant colours.
(Depending on the wedding outfit of course)

4. Make sure that your flowers still hold up for late afternoon photo shoots should your wedding service take place in the morning.
A preferred method by brides to keep the flowers fresh while not posing in front of a camera or piling on the pounds at the wedding feast, (who cares now you got your man)only joking is to have a bouquet holder close at hand. Ask the florist for advice on which flowers wilt more quickly than others, by having this information under your garter you will at least know the ones to avoid.

5. On your first visit to the flower shop don’t let the florist conjure up what they think you have in mind, they are not mind readers, It is only you at this point knows what you are looking for. Make it easy on both yourself and the florist by taking a photo of the style and design of the bouquet, another good idea is to bring along a sample piece of gown fabric so that the wedding coordinator/florist can select the correct shade of flower to compliment the wedding dress. Additional touches to Bouquets include ribbons lace beads or pearls.

6. Say it with flowers and mean it, why not choose a flower that has special meaning? Take the Stephanotis which stands for happiness in marriage, then we have the Rose denoting love and being true, another fabulous flower is the Tulip with a meaning declaring perfect love, why not have them all if your betrothed means that much to you.

7. Bouquets are becoming more personalized these days so design yours to suit your personality, everyone else is so why not you. Clusters of flowers more widely known as nose gays can vary in sophistication and will fit any personality. Beauty prevails in the flower cascading bouquet which is seen a lot at traditional weddings.

Flowers where the stems are wrapped in ribbons are called Hand-tied bouquets. It is these bouquets that bring a casual aura more often to garden ceremonies. We also have the Contemporary bouquet where flowers are arranged tastefully in a style with no geometric form but still as gorgeous as any other hand held bridal piece, normally used in sophisticated weddings.

8. If your choice is Roses, Lilies, Orchids, Tulips, Stephanotis or Daisies for your bridal bouquet then you have just picked the top flowers that have dominated many a wedding in the past and in the future to come.

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